All minerva® worksurfaces are supplied with factory machined edges.

We cut and finish the worksurface edges and tops for you, so they are delivered ready to fit, saving you valuable installation time and money.

No need to spend time on site making sure the finished edges are square and presentable, it’s all been done for you.
Faster lead times... quicker installation

With minerva® there is no waiting for complicated templates to be produced and potentially expensive delays.

All minerva® worksurfaces are factory-finished and delivered ready for installation…it’s that quick, it’s that simple.

The versatility of minerva® allows for any shape of your choice. Bothconcave and convex curved corners can be easily cut on-site.
Imperceptible, seamless solid joints.

Clean flowing lines with the look and cool touch of solid stone.

Not only beautiful looking, but with our renowned jointing strength minerva® is rock solid! Nor are any special preparation procedures necessary to achieve beautifully imperceptible, seamless joints.
Pre-fabricated features.

With fabrication built-in, minerva® saves valuable time when it comes to preparation and installation.

All working surfaces and edges are factory machined and finished, which means there’s no time wasted on site.

Select an undermounted stainless steel or acrylic sink from the minerva® collection. Factory pre-fabricated for easy and quick installation.